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Distinguishing between aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry


With so many new things happening around us, new procedures and methods of health maintenance being invented, it becomes necessary to remain well informed to understand and evaluate options that might be exercised when you face with some problems. We hear so much about cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry nowadays but might not be aware of the differences in the procedures. Unless we know what these procedures are it might be difficult to choose which would be right when the need arises. Indeed, the dentist will guide you but in order to be confident about making the right choice it is better to know about it in advance.

Aesthetic dentistry Clinton MD

Filling the gaps in the oral cavity is the motto of aesthetic dentistry. This stream of dentistry has been responsible for providing missing teeth to people who need it. There can be so many reasons for the missing teeth – it can result from any injury, it might be lost due to neglect or it can even be a congenital defect that someone is born without some teeth. No smile can ever be displayed with confidence if the teeth are not in place and missing teeth is so common among Americans that almost 69% of the adult population of the country has at least one missing tooth.

Modern dentistry uses technology to fill the gaps of missing teeth by using bridges and implants, which are considered as substitutes for teeth and last throughout your life. These substitutes of teeth are being considered in the same way as we love our real teeth. Functionally both these devices can be used to perform the same kinds of duties but the selection would depend on the dental condition and of course, your budget because bridges are cheaper than implants. But one thing is common to both – it improves your quality of life and reduces healthcare costs on the whole. The scope of aesthetic dentistry Clinton MD is not restricted to tooth replacement only. Treatment of teeth that is misaligned, treatment of jaws and corrections of gums that involves surgery is also included in its scope.

Cosmetic dentistry

As the name signifies, cosmetic dentistry is about beautification of your teeth. All of us are not blessed with beautiful teeth and there are ways of enhancing the beauty of teeth by using various techniques of cosmetic dentistry. People desirous of having sparkling white teeth are recommended to undergo bleaching (especially those having small teeth and full lips) that brings more visibility of your teeth without affective the geometry of your mouth and smile. The same technique can be used for discolored gums that regain its normal looks. Use of dental jewelry to highlight particular areas of your teeth is possible that helps to camouflage some other defects that would otherwise become pronounced. Gaps between teeth can be fixed by the method of bonding. There are several other techniques of beautifying your teeth.

The procedure that suits you can be decided by the doctor but the best results are often achieved by blending the two procedures.

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