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What to Expect When You Enroll in a Luxury Rehab Center


Luxury rehab center is a private rehab center that offers luxury furnished suites for drug and alcohol addicts. It is usually situated in a beautiful and serene location such as beaches, or a remote location with a lot of mountains. You don’t have to be super rich to stay at a luxury rehab center as many charge a reasonable monthly price. Luxury rehab is suitable for busy executives who want to bring their cell phones, and laptops to keep in touch with their employees at the office.

California luxury rehab has more amenities so you will feel more comfortable and stay for a longer period. Traditional rehab centers remind patients of the hospital environment so that they did not take the treatment seriously. The nice facilities at the luxury rehab centers allow the patients to have a great time like they are vacationing so that they do not feel homesick at all and want to go home. If you get addicted to drug due to stress, enrolling in a luxury rehab will be able to help you get rid of those stress. There are many ways you can relax and de-stress yourself at the luxury rehab. You can sweat yourself out by performing workouts on various types of exercise machines at the gym.

If it is your first time doing workout, there will be personal trainers teaching you how to perform different types of exercises. Going swimming at the swimming pool in the rehab can heal your body and speed up the rehabilitation of your drug addiction. There are also breathing classes that teach patients how to breathe in and breathe out to de-stress themselves. There are certified massage therapists available to perform various types of massages for the patients. There are many types of interesting recreational activities depending on the luxury rehab that you attend.

The dual diagnosis treatment is designed to treat patients that suffer from mental illness and drug/alcohol addiction. Several types of therapies are implemented in the dual diagnosis treatment. Dialectic behavioral therapy aims to help patients who have self harming behaviors to stop doing things that harm themselves physically. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the patients to stop having problematic beliefs so that he will stop having problematic behaviors.

If you have a serious addiction problem, it is recommended that you find a rehab that administers medications for calming down the withdrawal symptoms. Mood stabilizer is a type of drug prescribed to calm down a patient who has bad mood to prevent destructive actions from taking place. Antidepressant can be prescribed for patients who are unable to cope with their depressions. You can find out from the rehab on a list of medications that they administer on the patients.

You don’t have to worry about what you will be eating as there are professional cooks preparing your meals. A variety of ingredients are used in cooking the meal to ensure that your body get the nutrients that it needs to heal itself from effects of the addiction. The rehab may offer more than one types of diet program. Luxury rehab gives you a more personal feeling as it has a smaller group of people. The smaller groups means that there will be more one-on-one treatment taking place between you and the certified counselors.

You can choose to stay at the luxury rehab for long term or only go there to attend a meeting several times per week. People who have serious addiction and need to be closely monitored should join an inpatient program. In inpatient program, there are 24 hour supervision by certified therapists and doctors. The intense care provided in the inpatient program makes it suitable for people who have battling with addiction for a long time.

By staying in the rehab, more time will be dedicated on helping you to recover from the addiction. You will be more carefree as you don’t have to follow through your daily routine. Outpatient program allows you to receive treatment for at least once per week at the rehab center and go back to your home to sleep. Outpatient program is suitable for people who cannot leave their daily routine for example work.

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