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What is the right age for lasik?

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Lasik or Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is the most commonly performed corrective surgery for refractive errors. LASIK provides an alternate to glasses and contact lenses. Whether or not one qualifies for LASIK is determined by a Eye specialist in Lahore after complete ocular examination. 

What happens in LASIK?

In LASIK, cornea is cut with precision using a special type of cutting laser, ensuring that light refracts right on the retina. Normally, light bends or refracts with the help of cornea into the retina; in people with vision problems, the refraction of light is affected and light is bent incorrectly, which results in blurred vision. With LASIK the cornea is reshaped to provide the necessary refraction. 

Why is LASIK done?

LASIK helps to correct many refractive errors of the eyes. The vision problems it corrects include:

Farsightedness or hyperopia: 

People who have a normal distant vision but have trouble focusing on the near object have hyperopia. This farsightedness is due to a smaller than average eyeball, and a cornea that is flatter than normal. Hence, light rays are focused on the region behind the retina instead of on it. LASIK can reshape the cornea so that the light rays are focused on the retina instead. 


Cornea which is too flat or uneven results in disrupted focus of both near and distant vision. This is known as astigmatism, which can also be treated by LASIK. 

Nearsightedness or myopia:

In people with cornea sharper than average, the light rays focus in front of the retina. This also occurs in people with eyeball longer than normal, and can be corrected by concave lenses. The near vision in such individuals is normal. LASIK is ideal for such candidates. 

What is the right age for LASIK?

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of the United States has approved LASIK for individuals 18 years and older. However, most ophthalmologists wait until the patient is in mid-20s and the vision is stable before opting for surgery. 

Before 18 years of age:

LASIK, before 18 years is not recommended for several reasons. As mentioned before, at this age, the eyesight is still changing and the vision is not stable. In fact, up to the age of 24, the eye sight continues to change. Therefore, most surgeons recommend LASIK for ages 25 and above. Additionally, doctors feel that teenagers and children don’t need the benefits associated with this surgery to function. However, professional athletes, those in the military or law enforcement can be given special consideration for the procedure. 

Ages 25 to 40 years:

If there is an ideal age range for LASIK, it’s this. The vision by this age range is stable and there are no monetary hinderances either. One of the hallmarks of good LASIK surgery candidate is one with stable vision. 

People in this age range also prefer lifestyle with reduced dependency on contact lenses and glasses. 

Ages 50 and above:

Most individuals require reading glasses after the age of 40 years, which is presbyopia. LASIK can be used to correct this condition as well. In fact, LASIK is now trending among older individuals as well. 

Even though age is a factor that most ophthalmologists and Eye specialist in Islamabad consider for candidacy of LASIK procedure, it is not the only factor. A number of other aspects are considered by the healthcare provider before surgery. Nonetheless, good health, stable vision and family history are the most important things to consider before LASIK, which is why this procedure is beneficial at any age. 

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