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What Aspects Does Women’s Health Address?

Women’s Health

Your womanly needs require special attention to ensure you are living a healthy life both physically and mentally. You can achieve optimal health by regularly visiting your primary healthcare provider, who is acquainted with your medical history. Dr. Patel Charleston offers primary care and women’s health services to ensure his female patients are healthy.

Dr. Patel focuses on your womanly needs and through specific phases of your life, like menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth, while offering other services like contraception and infertility evaluations.

Women’s health services

The following are services that women’s health can address:

Gynecology care

Your specialist can provide gynecology care services that check the health of your reproductive organs. During your visits, your doctor will examine your pelvic area to check for infections or abnormal structures which can cause pain. They also examine your genital area and check your menstruation frequency to ascertain that your body’s hormones are balanced.

You can also receive STD testing to ensure you treat sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, which can affect your fertility rate.

Family planning

Family planning is a crucial aspect for every sexually active woman. Your doctor will discuss your need for birth control depending on how regularly you have sex and your preferred family planning method. While oral pills, implants, injections, and condoms are available, sometimes you might need a permanent birth control method if you no longer want children.

Fertility evaluations

If you are struggling with infertility, your specialist can offer various tests to check the root cause of the problems. Sometimes, you can have hormone imbalances that affect your fertility rate or abnormal structures like fibroids that don’t support carrying a pregnancy. Depending on your infertility issue, your specialist can offer various treatment options, including in vitro fertilization, to help you conceive.


When you are pregnant, you need special care to ensure you and your baby are in good health. Before conception, your specialist can recommend taking pregnancy supplements like folate to ensure your baby’s health. You can undergo interval monitoring like ultrasounds to check on both mother and baby. Remember, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, you might need close monitoring and bed rest than a person who is not.

Annual exams

Annual exams include physicals and can include pap smears and mammograms, or breast ultrasounds depending on your age. Your specialist will examine your skin, eyes, mouth, heart rate, blood pressure, and weight for a general overview of your health. A Pap smear checks for cancerous cells in your cervix, while mammograms check for breast cancer. If you are below 40, you will undergo a breast ultrasound, but if you are over 40, your specialist will conduct a mammogram.

If you are due for an annual physical or want gynecology care, visit Patel & Patel M.D., Inc. for a treatment plan. Dr. Patel and his medical team will evaluate your symptoms and review your medical history before offering treatment. Call or book your appointment online to take charge of your health. 

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