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Preserve Your Reproductive Health With Routine Gynecology Visits


Gynecology is a medical field encompassing various aspects of hormonal and reproductive health. Although Dr. Barbieri and her team routinely evaluate your reproductive system for cancer, vaginal infections, and abnormal bleeding and deal with abnormal pap smears, their gynecology New York services go beyond that. Before suggesting an effective treatment plan, they can also connect your reproductive health problems to other issues such as sleep patterns, weight, and mood.

Setting gynecology and obstetrics apart

Many people assume gynecology and obstetrics refer to the same thing. Although both fields focus on ensuring the health of the female reproductive system, they differ slightly from each other. Gynecologists specialize in diagnosing and treating medical conditions of the female reproductive system. Your reproductive system is responsible for regulating your menstruation and supporting pregnancy. These specialists offer gynecological services such as Pap smears and breast cancer screenings to older adults and teenagers. These tests are crucial for detecting cancer and other reproductive health abnormalities early. It is important to schedule routine visits with your gynecologist, whether you are sick or not, to maintain your sexual and overall health.

Conversely, obstetricians offer comprehensive medical care and support to expectant mothers and their spouses. They offer prenatal services, monitor your baby’s development and help you through labor and delivery. These specialists are also trained to handle difficulties associated with high-risk pregnancies, including fetal distress and high blood pressure.

What to expect during your initial appointment

Gynecologists recommend that girls begin scheduling routine gynecological visits when they turn 15 years old or when they first become sexually active. The initial appointment may not involve exams but just discussing your sexual health. During this appointment, your provider may also advise you on how to prepare for your next appointment. They may advise you to avoid douching or having sex a day before the exam. Sexual activity can interfere with your Pap smear results. During the exam, your provider will measure your weight and blood pressure. They may also conduct urine and blood tests for more accurate results.

During your physical exam, you will undress completely and wear a hospital gown that opens in front for accessibility. Your provider will first examine your vagina before examining your inner reproductive system organs. They may use a speculum to hold your vagina open to provide a clear view of your cervix. You may experience some pressure but not enough to be described as pain. Your gynecologist may also ask you questions about your medical and family history.

Gynecological services you should consider

Gynecological visits are essential for cancer screening and when you experience symptoms such as abnormal bleeding or vaginal or pelvic pain. These specialists can treat various issues, including polycystic ovary syndrome, STIs, and urinary and fecal incontinence. If you also have fertility issues, you can consult Dr. Barbieri, who can help you develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your family goals. She can devise a way forward if you also have congenital abnormalities in your reproductive tract. The practice offers various gynecological services, including hysteroscopy, ultrasound scanning, endometrial biopsy, pap smear tests, and colposcopy. Your physician will help you select the tests you need during your initial consultation.

If you want to learn about gynecology, call Dr. Barbieri or book an appointment online.

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