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Why Annual Geriatric Wellness Visits Are a Must

Geriatric Wellness

Aging makes us wiser, but it does not mean you will have an easier time caring for your changing body. The care is more challenging when battling chronic conditions prevalent in older adults. Including routine geriatric Chamblee visits in your schedule can ease the endeavors to remain healthier as your age advances. The annual senior wellness visits can be customized following your family medical history and current status and keeping your health goals in mind. Below are the top reasons you should include geriatric wellness visits in your healthcare regimen.

A preventative tool

As you age, you are at an increased risk of ailments and pain, some of which you can discount following your logical self-diagnosis and treatment. During the wellness visits, your doctor examines you and asks questions such as on your vision, hearing, walking, and exercises, among others. This helps enrich your medical history and makes it easier to pick on tells that a medical condition could be developing. The approach facilitates prompt interventions like lifestyle adjustments to help you mitigate the risks.

Professional guidance

You know a lot as you have learned much over the years, but can you tell between fads, myths, and truths? Dieting and weight management are among the popular facets that are loaded with all sorts of trends that can be disruptive. Seeking professional input on such matters facilitates better progress and results. This is because you will be guided following your unique situation, considering aspects like pre-existing medical conditions and risks like genetic predisposition. You get the chance to ask the experts and follow a custom strategy, not a generalized approach that may not be best suited for your situation and goals.

Minimize complications

Many older adults have at least one chronic condition or are at high risk. The immune system is not as strong either, leaving you prone to diseases like the flu, whose symptoms can be severe. This means you must adopt a healthier lifestyle to ensure you do not develop complications that may result in hospitalization. Geriatric visits can help you keep up with your medications and immunizations and on track with nutrition and physical activities.

Ongoing support

Geriatric wellness visits provide the chance to develop a healthier relationship with your doctor. You know who to call whenever you have a burning question, which is also easier for them to answer by consulting the rich medical history. The ongoing support makes it easier even for your loved ones since they can find out if you need more support, including establishing when advanced care planning should start.

Aging gracefully takes the right approach, which is significantly reliant on how well you care for your health. Annual geriatric visits may seem overwhelming, especially when battling chronic conditions or mobility challenges. Nonetheless, with advancements including Telehealth and other resources, it is easier and a must as you strive to remain healthier for years. Contact Lenox Medical Clinic today for more information or to book your geriatric wellness visit appointment.

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