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Which One Is Better -Tooth Extraction Or A Root Canal?

Root Canal

When you suffer from severe painful toothache, schedule an appointment with Hope Berman DMD as soon as possible. You might have some inquiries regarding the therapy you will receive before your consultation. Despite knowing that root canal therapy may be able to save your injured tooth, you may not like the idea of it. Although a tooth extraction could be simpler, you might choose to avoid having an imperfect smile. Which form of treatment should you choose? You may find some information about root canal vs. extraction in this blog.

Which one is better: Tooth extraction or a root canal?

Tooth extraction

A dental operation called a tooth extraction involves removing the entire tooth, including the roots, from its socket. This surgery is usually recommended when the tooth has become severely decayed or broken or is crowding adjacent teeth in the mouth. The following are a few pros and cons of tooth extraction:


  • Quick and easy procedure: A single dental visit is needed for tooth extraction.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A tooth extraction often costs less than a root canal.


  • Aesthetic concerns: Missing teeth might make you appear unattractive, causing you to feel uncomfortable.
  • Bone loss: The tooth removal may ultimately contribute to the surrounding bone worsening, which can result in additional dental problems.
  • Root canal

In a dental operation called a root canal, the infected or injured pulp inside the tooth is extracted and replaced with a filling material. This surgery is advised when the tooth can be recovered but the harm or infection is too serious for a simple filling. The following are a few pros and cons of root canals:


  • Saves the tooth: Root canal therapy can save your original tooth, which is always preferable to extraction.
  • Pain relief: An infected or broken tooth can cause pain, which can be treated by root canal therapy.


  • Longer procedure: Root canal therapy typically requires many dental appointments and is more time-consuming than tooth extraction.
  • More expensive: Root canal therapy costs more than tooth extraction.

Which Option Is Best for You?

It can be difficult to figure out whether to have a tooth extraction or a root canal, so it is advisable to speak with your dentist to find out which option is best for your dental demands. However, these general rules will help you in making the correct choice:

  • Choose root canal treatment if the tooth can be preserved.
  • Extraction may be the best alternative if the tooth is irreparably decaying or badly damaged.
  • When choosing a choice, take into consideration your insurance coverage and budget.
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