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When To Seek Immediate Treatment For Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome

Although dry eyes may seem like an independent issue, it’s accompanied by other debilitating symptoms. It can affect anyone, but older individuals and menopausal women are more at risk. However, the condition isn’t inevitable as dry eyes Pasadena treatments can help you overcome it.

Each treatment is designed according to the severity of your situation. Nonetheless, the first step in managing and treating dry eyes is knowing if you’ve got the condition. Here are five signs that indicate you need urgent diagnosis and treatment for dry eye syndrome.

1. Your eyes are itchy

Persistent itchiness is one of the most recognizable signs of dry eye syndrome. Although it might indicate allergies, chronic eye itching is associated with dry eye syndrome. That’s why it’s vital to seek professional help early to differentiate the cause of your itchiness.

Also, itchy eyes due to dry eye syndrome can cause you to rub your eyes frequently. While this may provide short-term relief, doing so can damage your eyes. Therefore, if eye drops don’t provide relief, it’s time to seek advanced treatment for your dry eyes.

2. You’re experiencing a burning sensation

A burning sensation in your eyes can indeed occur for multiple reasons. However, the sensation differentiates dry eyes from other eye diseases. Constantly rubbing your eyes can make them more irritated, resulting in burning sensations.

Even when you don’t rub your eyes, you’ll still feel a burning sensation with chronic dry eye syndrome. When you notice dry eyes, rubbing your eyes should be the last thing you do. Most importantly, don’t overlook getting an ophthalmologist to assess your situation.

3. Having bloodshot or red eyes

Lack of enough tears in your eyes causes blood vessels to swell. You can therefore notice bloodshot or red eyes u the eye’s sclera (white tissue). Often, dry eyes result from significant irritation in the eyes.

Besides being uncomfortable, red eyes seem unattractive. This can make you feel odd about your appearance and thus affect your self-confidence. It would help if you sought immediate specialist intervention to deal with this painful and overwhelming symptom.

4. Stringy mucus discharge

Mucus-filled eyes indicate you suffer from dry eye syndrome or chronic allergies. However, if accompanied by other symptoms above, a mucus discharge in your eyes shows you have dry eye syndrome. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook any strange discharge from your eyes.

Generally, dry eyes result from an imbalance in tear production. When there’s an imbalance, it’s a sign that your tears lack one of the key components. Visiting an ophthalmologist can evaluate your condition and recommend treatments for you.

5. You have a blurry vision

It’s common to experience blurry vision with dry eye syndrome. It’s overwhelming to deal with this symptom as it comes with headaches and fatigue. Usually, this results from your brain trying to deal with poor eyesight.

Eye syndrome sufferers also find it difficult to wear the contacts. Though many ophthalmologists recommend contact to correct blurry vision, wearing them with dry eyes can be painful and uncomfortable. However, with proper diagnosis, you can overcome blurry visions.

Have you been suffering from any of the above-listed symptoms? If so, you should get an ophthalmologist evaluation for dry eye syndrome. Furthermore, you can experience dry eyes even when your eyes are seen as normal or watery.

Fortunately, there are advanced non-invasive treatment options that effectively address your symptoms. Do you desire to overcome dry eye syndrome symptoms? Schedule your ophthalmologist appointment today!

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