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When is the best time to visit a dentist for emergency dental problems?

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Although teeth are so important, many people avoid going to the dentist and neglect dental problems until they become a significant and costly emergency dental condition. However, our body tries to tell us with signs that it is time to see a dentist, and of course, we may not notice these warning signs at first but, as soon as you realized these warning signs, you should find the best emergency dental office to refer.

Teeth sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweet foods

If your teeth are sensitive to some hot, cold, or sweet foods, it probably means that your teeth are decayed. However, such sensitivity can be a sign of an emergency dental problem. In many cases, the cause of severe tooth sensitivity to heat and cold food is the protrusion of the tooth root and the gums decay. Call emergency dental clinic in Richmond Hill for more information.

Your mouth always smells bad.

Mouth bad smell doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t pay enough attention to your oral hygiene. This may be the first sign of an infection or other dental emergency problems that only an emergency dentist can diagnose.

You feel a bulge in your mouth, on your tongue or cheeks.

If you feel a lump, something stiff, or a cut in your mouth that has stayed for a long time and is not healing, it could be a sign of HPV or oral cancer.

Remember, a bulge in the mouth is not only a concern for smokers. Anyone with such symptoms should see a dentist as soon as possible.

Your teeth color has changed.

Discoloration of a tooth can indicate many emergency problems in the mouth. This is usually a sign of a dental injury that can lead to an infection.

When you use a toothbrush or floss, your gums bleed.

Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing can be a sign of gum disease.

Periodontal plaques that cause dental problems in the mouth can travel inside the arteries throughout the body and cause heart problems. When bleeding of a wound on your body does not stop, you should get worried. Gums’ constant bleeding is serious and should never be ignored.

Your teeth, mouth, and jaw hurt.

Pain is the first warning sign through which your body tries to inform you that it is in trouble. If any part of your mouth is painful or your jaw continually hurts when you wake up, this can be an emergency dental problem, and it is time to visit a dentist. Even the slightest feeling of pain can lead to big problems.

Your teeth may be rotten, your gums may be decayed, or your teeth may be broken. Only a dentist can diagnose the main reason for these pains.

Your jaw hurts

Jaw pain can have many different causes. One of the most common reason is pressure on the wisdom teeth, but it can also be a more critical case, such as a growing tumor or growing cancer.

You have constant headaches.

Bruxism causes a lot of pressure on the teeth and jaw muscles at night, especially the temporal tissues, causing headaches.

Your teeth are shortened.

A change in the teeth appearance can be another warning sign that there is something wrong. If you find that your teeth are shorter than before, this could be due to bruxism.

Your mouth tastes bad.

If you have a bad taste in your mouth, it could be because of an abscess. Abscesses are purulent lumps that form in the mouth as a result of infection. As a result, you feel a bad taste when pus comes out of your mouth.

It’s been a long time you haven’t visited your dentist.

If it is more than six months that you didn’t visit your dentist, visit the dentist to avoid severe and emergency dental problems that will affect your teeth and your whole body health.

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