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What Oral Accessories to Have in Your Dental Office


The process of buying dental supplies for your dental office can be a laborious and time hungry process, and it sometimes can be hard to remember all the different oral accessories that your office needs in order to function. I know from personal experience that it is easy to remember to purchase some accessories, but not others. So, we thought we’d list some of the accessories you will need to include as part of your next supplies order.

Alginate Substitute

If you are looking for a substitute for Alginate, we would advise that you take a look at this polyvinylsiloxane alternative material, which can be used for carrying out impressions. The impressions generated were found to be very representative of the patients mouth, making further treatment easy and accurate.

This Alginate substitute is also suitable for use with creating study models and even for opposing dentition impressions. Orthodontic modelling can also be completed with this material. It is extremely fast to set, which can only take 2 minutes in some cases. Although, we would recommend a setting time of 3 minutes, just to be on the safe side. To make the impression taking procedure more pleasant for the patient, the material has a nice mint taste.

Dental Needles 100/Box

Next up, make sure you stock up on needles, with this box of 100 needles. Each needle is manufactured using the finest stainless steel with a polypropylene hub with an aluminium insert. To ensure safety of each needle within the box, there is a lot number for each unit, as well as details of the size on each needle to ensure you select the right needle for your treatment. Color coding also helps you quickly identify the right size.

Micro Applicators

Lastly, make sure you add some Micro applicators to your supply list. These are ideal for use with bonding agents and etchants, as well as hemostatic solutions. These micro applicators stay bent went you mould them into that shape, which can be a problem with other poorer quality micro applicators. This makes using these applicators very easy and reaching hard to reach places is simple. It is possible to use these applicators with child patients. They come in a range of colors, which is perfect for keeping track of multi-step procedures which make use of these applicators.

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