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What Are Some Signs Of A Nasal Breathing Disorder?

Nasal Breathing Disorder

Have you ever found yourself breathing through your mouth instead of your nose? Doing it while you are fighting a cough and cold is fine, but if you are perfectly alright but you are unable to breathe through your nose, there might be a problem. A large number of people, to be very precise, one-third of the population, are living with a nasal breathing disorder, and they don’t even know. Here are a few signs that will help you identify if you are combating this disorder. All these signs of west midtown nasal breathing disorders are recorded by experienced therapists. However, start identifying if your nose is not against you.

Headaches and nasal congestion

If you are fighting this disorder, it means that air will always not pass freely through your nasal cavity. Due to this, you might feel stuffy and experience frequent headaches. People often associate head headaches with these problems, and they run to ophthalmologists. No amount of running around to different ENTs will help you. You need to find the proper cure for it. 

Difficulty while breathing 

People with nasal disorders find it hard to breathe. This struggle increases when they are sleeping. Have you ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night due to shortness of breath? This is a sign that you might have while battling this disorder.

Bleeding nose 

Due to the less passing of air through your nasal cavity, the membrane inside the nose dries up. This dryness causes nose bleed. People mistake their nose bleeds with dehydration, and they start swallowing gallons of water. But it is not curable this way.

Sinus infection

Recurring sinus infection is another sign of nasal breathing disorder. Due to lack of hydration and difficulty in air passing, the sinus gets infected. You might experience severe nasal pain and headaches if you are suffering from this disorder.


To fix this problem, visit your nearest ENT and tell them about all your issues. Often, it is corrected by a nasal spray that they prescribe. In severe cases, you have to get operated on. This is a minor operation and takes very little time. The recovery time is also not that long. Once your nose is healed, you will not face any of the above-mentioned problems anymore. This problem is often overlooked and hard to understand. If you are facing any of the symptoms mentioned in this blog, do not take it lightly. Nasal disorders can be extremely painful and will affect the daily core of your life.

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