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Undeniable Facts About Knee and Hip Revision Surgery


Knee and hip joints are susceptible to injuries since they are the most utilized for movements. Most people have undergone replacement procedures to correct the problem and improve mobility. However, the replaced parts may fail or get damaged due to over-usage. This may force you to undergo revision surgery to repair the damage and restore your functioning. If you have been experiencing pain from the replaced parts of your knee, Mitchell Hip and Knee can fix your problem through a knee and hip revision procedure. They will assess the damage’s extent before recommending revision surgery to replace the damaged component and improve your mobility. Here are some facts to learn about revision surgery before booking your appointment.

It Is a More Complex Procedure

 Revision surgery is not just a mere surgery since it corrects a previous procedure. The doctor has to be careful to ensure the procedure is successful. The complex point is that the prosthesis that had been placed before may have fused with your knee bone, making it delicate and involving. The doctor me be forced to do bone grafting and other crucial repairs to correct the damage. The revision will entail removing and replacing the prosthetic part with new parts. The doctor will also replace any other damaged part around the knee or the hip to give better mobility.

It Is an Intricate Surgical Work

The surgery is much more involved since the doctor has to remove all the materials used in the replacement surgery, including cement that may have been used to attach your prosthetic. The procedure is time-consuming and requires a specialist with the experience to help restore your mobility and preserve healthy bone. The doctor may also perform grafting where a patient has lost bone around the implant.

The Procedure Uses Specialized Components

A knee revision surgery may require you to use specialized implants than those used during the initial replacement. The specialized material offers durability and ensures no setbacks after the surgery. If the initial material is damaged, the doctor has to use a more durable option which is thicker and fits perfectly inside your bone to enhance extra support. A revision guarantees a long-lasting solution where you can stay for years without returning for any other treatment.

Takes Longer to Recover

The complexity of revision surgery makes it take longer than the replacement surgery before recovery. Although the recovery journey is similar, the procedure takes longer before you return to your daily activities. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to accelerate recovery and ensure you get back stronger. You should follow all the after-surgery recommendations to help make the recovery journey more effective and avoid any setbacks that may come during the recovery process.

It is always boring when you cannot move around due to a joint problem. Injuries may affect your joints even after having a replacement surgery. However, that is not the end of the road, as you can benefit from a knee or hip revision surgery to correct your problem and improve your mobility and strength. Once you identify a good facility with specialists with experience in revision surgery, you will be guaranteed a strong comeback.

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