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Top Reasons Why Physical Exams Are Important

Physical Exams

Irrespective of your age, it is essential to undergo physical exams to determine your state of health. Therefore, you are always recommended to make annual physical exam visits to your care provider for routine preventive care to help identify and treat various health conditions. Therefore, if you are interested in monitoring your health status, you can reach out for physical exams Greensboro services to help keep track of your health by preventing various health conditions. Below are reasons why you should undergo physical exams.

It helps update your vaccinations

Vaccines are not only for children because even adults must have their vaccines updated. Some of the vaccines adults take are used to prevent serious health conditions. In most cases, during your annual physical exam, your care provider reviews your risk factors and vaccination history and recommends some immunizations such as flu vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, HPV vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, Tdap vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, and shingles vaccine. The role of these vaccines is to help prevent you from contracting conditions like hepatitis and covid-19 disease.

Screens for cancer

Routine cancer screening usually increases your chances of detecting cancer in its early stages, during which it is treatable. Usually, your primary care provider considers your risk factors and age during your routine physical exam before recommending cancer screening. You can therefore be screened for gynecological cancers like colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and other cancers such as breast cancer and skin cancer.

Assesses your overall health

Your care provider may order various blood tests and screenings depending on your lifestyle, risk factors, family history, or age. Some of the screening that might be recommended include cholesterol screening, osteoporosis screening, blood glucose screening, body mass index, and blood pressure screening. These tests can help detect serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, irrespective of whether you are experiencing the symptoms.

Updates your medical records

Generally, there are so many aspects of your health that can change in a year. Therefore, it is essential to update your medical records. During your annual physical exam, your care provider detects any changes that might affect your health, such as social history, medical changes, allergies, family history, and mental health.

It helps establish a relationship with your doctor

Most healthcare providers are usually your healthcare partners. During the annual physical exam, you get to know your care provider and the caregiver also gets to know you. Even though you might request to see your primary care provider when you suffer from minor injuries and illnesses, such visits are not similar to annual visits because they usually focus on treating particular problems.

It would be best if you understood that your physical exam usually offers preventive care and focuses on the overall wellness of your health. Your care provider usually learns more about you and your lifestyle because they have enough time to answer your questions and address issues concerning treatment plans, medications, or other health problems. Therefore, you can schedule your appointment at Triad Primary Care today if you are interested in starting your annual physical exams to help monitor your health and ensure you remain healthy.

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