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Tips to Prevent The Common Cold



Come the winter and you’re exposed to the risks of bouts of runny nose, cough, sneezing and sore throat. These are symptoms of the common cold, experienced by people of all age. This illness is among the most common in humans and it is geography neutral as well. Since colds are caused by viral infections – over 200 different viruses at that – its complete prevention is not possible. Also, the viruses causing common cold are infectious in nature spread from person to person through air. So, the one infected with this illness can easily cause other afflicted. So, staying cautious and taking some care is the way to go in common cold.

Here are some of tips to prevent the common cold –

Don’t look for 100% prevention

You should know that a complete prevention of the spread of colds is not possible but you could take steps to minimize chances of being infected.

Wash the hands as often as you could

Washing the hands often is perhaps the most important measure in preventing the transmission of colds as you thus destroy the virtues picked from the surface touched by infected person.

Caution in public places

Take extra care while visiting public places and if possible carry a hand sanitizer or look to wash hands as often as possible.

Share hand washing virtues with your child

Ask your child to inculcate the habit of hand washing as kids are more vulnerable to cold viruses for being mostly outside in parks, grounds etc.

Don’t touch the face 

You should not touch the face, nose, eyes or mouth immediately after returning from an open area or after parting with someone having cold infection.

Use disposable items

It’s advisable to use disposable items and minimize the risks of colds if someone in the family is infected.

Use a disinfectant solution

Keep a disinfectant solution ready to clean household surfaces in case someone in the family is infected or someone infected had visited you.

Wipe the surface clean

You can also use soap and water to wipe all exposed surface clean to minimize risks of viruses spreading.

Clean the toys regularly

Parents should take particular care of the toys of their kids and clean them regularly as they can also be a source of stuck viruses.

Go with paper towels

If possible, use paper towels (both, in the kitchen and bathroom) for hand washing purpose as germs can live on cloth towels for hours.

Separate towels for each family member

If paper towels do not look a feasible idea for some reason, make sure to have separate towels for each family member, and for the guests.

Throw out tissues after use

Dispose of tissues immediately after the use as not doing this can increase the risk of virus spreading to different people.

Take care of your immune system

Keeping the immune system in good condition by means of proper diet, regular exercise and good lifestyle goes a long way in readying you to fight the infection, if any.

Don’t take stress

Don’t take too much stress as it can weaken the immune system and make you more prone to catching illness, including the cold.

Be a bit more hygienic

Take a lot hygiene care when you venture out to public places as being there means greater risk of catching cold viruses.

Order medicine online

And lastly, you can place an order for medical equipment online and save the inconvenience of being struck by the cold virus.

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