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The Requirements for Becoming a Personal Trainer


For people who enjoy staying fit, working out, and being around people, a career as a personal trainer may be a good fit for them. Becoming a personal trainer requires knowing about fitness, being aware of different training techniques, and knowing how to motivate people. If you’re considering a career as a personal trainer, here is some of the information you’ll need to know about the career requirements.

Requirements for Personal Trainers

There is some information you will be required to know to teach people how to work out to get fit. For instance, you will need to have some knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and nutrition to show your clients which exercises they need to do and which foods they need to eat to help them achieve their fitness goals. You will also need to teach them how to avoid injuring themselves by correctly doing exercises for their abilities.

  • Complete Level 2 Gym Instructor course
  • Complete Level 3 Personal Trainer course
  • First Aid Certification, with CPR certificate
  • Purchase public liability insurance

There are many institutions which offer the coursework personal trainers will be required to complete to work in fitness facilities with clients. Body Aid Solutions offers affordable fitness training for aspiring personal trainers with locations in several cities in England.

What You Will Learn

When you take the required courses for becoming a personal trainer, you will learn about how to support clients in achieving their goals through fitness activities, some working knowledge of anatomy and physiology, awareness of how exercise can benefit people’s health, and how to teach clients to safely perform exercises. Personal trainer instruction will also include information about how nutrition plays a role in achieving fitness goals.

Learn Onsite & Online

Some of the information you will be taught doesn’t require you to attend classes in person. Instead, some institutions offer courses through distance learning programs, usually online, so you can take them from the comfort of home. This can save time for you because you don’t need to drive back and forth from a classroom, which means you won’t waste time in traffic or have to cut into your work schedule to make it to a class on time.

You can start taking many of the required courses at 16 years old, so you can get a jump on your career at an early age. In addition to the required coursework, many of the places teaching these courses also offer classes on how to instruct others to use specific gym equipment like kettlebells, advanced nutrition courses, how to teach fitness to older people or pregnant women, and how to incorporate music into fitness classes.

Along with the required courses, taking additional classes allows you to better teach clients how to get into shape and become healthier through both exercise and diet. The courses can help you teach people to achieve their fitness goals and you can also take the required CPR and first aid courses to starting working as a personal trainer.

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