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Remedial Massage Therapy Explained

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage TherapyCommonly known as “remedial massage therapy,” is a unique kind of physical therapy, which today has become more popular than ever. This style of massage is utilised to treat specific types of pain and discomfort in a patient’s body and it is now being seen as a complementary medicine in the realms of Western medicine and is now covered by some health insurance companies.

The main difference between remedial massage therapy and the type of massage therapy you find in health spas and salons, is to do with the purpose of the massage therapy and exactly what that the treatments happen to focus on.

  • In the realms of remedial massage therapy, any issues related to the body are what are focussed on during treatment, and this kind of experience is beyond a doubt a lot more clinical than any sort of massage experience offered in a spa.

Any kind of massage therapy which is given to somebody outside of the clinical sphere on the other hand, commonly focusses on getting the one receiving the massage into a very relaxed state and provides a comprehensive healing experience.

Taking Healing to a Different Dimension

And whilst massage therapists working in a spa will normally work on releasing any stress or tension in any strained or knotted muscles, those involved with remedial massage therapy in a clinical background, will conduct their expertise in massage with damaged muscles.

Remedial massage therapy is also used for example, as a treatment for scar tissue in and around any surrounding muscles and to work on adjusting any muscular imbalances.

  • Therapy of this type is given to any patient who has been injured or has undergone any kind of surgery, which has left the patient requiring large amounts of remedial therapy.

Today this form of therapy is more than often used in combination with other kinds of physical therapies and treatments as recommended by a patient’s doctor.

Various Types of Massage Therapy

There are a range of different massage therapies, which include the most common one of all, the world renowned Swedish massage. There are also deep tissue massage, mobile physio in Perth, and hot stone massage.

  • Along the same path, there are a number of others which focus on specific areas inside the body or particular systems inside of the body.

Remedial massage therapy will often utilise techniques which have been learned from various other types of international traditional massage and also from some of those that are rooted in contemporary science and medicine.


Although the qualifications can vary from country to country, specialists in remedial massage in Australia, must complete a certified amount of coursework and training to lawfully become qualified in this profession.

The very same people will frequently go on to be employed in a clinical background under the auspices of a medical professional, or in other cases make good use of their credentials to go to and work in a well-established spa.

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