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Relishing Flavours of E Liquid


Vaping is slowly making its place and sooner will replace the world of traditional smoking. However, many companies claim that it is better than smoking. It is definitely better for chain smokers and would wish to get rid of that addiction. There are any types of electronic cigars and e-liquids for them available in the market. Because of its increased popularity, many companies are launching interesting types of flavours. They may taste from coffee to desert, anything. The user will get the feel of smoking, plus, the taste of their favourite flavour. These days many youth are enjoying this system of e juice vaping and it is slowly catching the trend. Since, its nicotine level can be chosen by the customer themselves, it is considered as completely safe to use. The cartridges are used in them to fill their choice of e-liquid, which is replaceable.

All about E-liquid Flavours:

E-liquid begins with base of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavour agents. Apart from all this, the optional liquid is nicotine. Vegetable glycerines are certified and mostly used by companies for creating a good smoke. However, it does not contain any flavours and produce lot of vapour. The next ingredient is propylene glycol. Itis chemically manufactured. The only difference between the above two is that VG is naturally obtained by plants and the other is manufactured. The purpose of both the ingredients is for creating a good vapour on triggering or heating. They both are odourless and are good solvents. Propylene glycol is an albuterol. It has been studied that they are used in manufacturing of asthma inhalers and thus are perfectly safe to inhale. Although PG is thinner than Vg, they carry the flavours well. Since they are 100 per cent solvents, they function well upon blending them together with any other liquid. The third ingredient includes a food-grade which are naturally obtained or sometimes composition of deacetyle. However, it is completely safe to use and approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The final ingredient is nicotine which is absolutely optional. Nicotine has a bad reputation of being the additive. It causes addiction when consumed for a good amount of time. Thus, if we observe, it is hard for smokers to let go their habit since nicotine is as addictive as any heroine. Nicotine creates rise in blood pressure and increased blood flow. On the other hand, this habit can be controlled by adopting the e-cigarettes. Since, nicotine level can be monitored and controlled in e juice vaping, people can make their choice about the consumption.

There are few flavours in the market which are most demanded by stores across the world- such as tobacco, coffee, buttery and yogurt tastes. However, it depends on the juice-maker about the choice of juice they can provide. Few examples include – watermelon and blueberry taste. Some juicemakers and companies allow the customers to make their own choice of blends, such as, oatmeal rum, raisin. Few more include – ice blue teas or sweet tart, desert taste or mint or menthol taste flavours.

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