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Recovering From A Tummy Tuck -Everything You Need To Know

Tummy Tuck

Despite its widespread use, many patients still have questions about the post-op period. Patients might have a smoother experience with a stomach tuck if they are aware of what to expect during and after the recovery period. A doctor can help with tummy tuck nashville can help.

Healing times are not standard.

Recovery time after a belly tuck varies from patient to patient. There is a basic time range, as with any surgical surgery, but individual recoveries depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Wellness in General
  • Form of abdominoplasty

Care following surgery

Your surgeon will give you a more detailed recovery timeframe after the operation is finished, but in general, people report feeling back to normal after about eight weeks.

what to anticipate after surgery?

The most crucial aspect of any procedure is that you strictly adhere to your surgeon’s orders. 

If you want your belly tucked, look for a plastic surgeon who has completed further training and passed additional safety exams beyond what the state requires to become qualified. During your time of recovery, your board-certified plastic surgeon can provide you with guidance and support.

Right after surgery

Immediately after a tummy tuck, the surgical dressing will be placed on the treated area. Thin, little tubes may be inserted around your wound to remove any fluid that collects there. It is normal for this to happen, so do not worry about it.

At home

You should plan to have assistance for the first day or two after surgery. You cannot drive yourself home because of the pain medication and other restrictions on your mobility.

After tummy tuck surgery, you may have trouble bending, lifting, or standing for long amounts of time, so having assistance around the house in the first few days can greatly ease your recuperation.

Daily upkeep 

During your recovery, you will need to take care of an incision and drainage tubes, and your doctor will show you how.

Antibiotics, anticoagulants, and topical creams to apply to the incision site are typically prescribed to patients after surgery.

It is crucial to use the abdominal support garment or wrap for the prescribed period of time daily to reduce swelling and discomfort during recovery.

Back to everyday life

You should highly avoid Squatting or picking up children (or heavy things) for the first few weeks, so you may want to get help with daycare if you have young children. After a week or two, though, most people feel like they can handle driving again, cooking, or going grocery shopping again.

Lasting results

The numbness or pulling sensation that some people feel for weeks or months following a belly tuck is natural and usually fades with time. Swelling and bruises may disappear gradually over three months, but your scar may take longer to vanish.

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