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Reasons to Switch to Concierge Primary Care

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Do you want to get more from a primary care doctor? Although primary care doctors work with patients of all ages, they may not offer customized treatments. The primary care doctors noticed that patients yearned for customized treatments and developed concierge medicine Upper East Side to meet their needs. Concierge medicine is patient-focused and highly customized treatments for all patients. However, they are costly as one pays a membership fee to a primary doctor, which resembles the retainer fee paid for the attorneys. The practice limits the number of patients a practitioner accepts, thus increasing availability to those within the program. These are reasons to switch to concierge medicine.

Improved Patient-Doctor Relationship

You can develop a strong personal bond with your doctor through a concierge medicine program. You will have direct access to your physician, which fosters the development of a strong relationship. It is easy to communicate with a physician through the program, making it possible to follow recommendations for preventive care. An established, trusted relationship with a doctor is an added advantage for patients who struggle with socializing.

Constant and Immediate Access to Care

You will have immediate access to treatment, as the physician sees limited patients in a day. Constant care improves health outcomes for patients with strokes or heart failure. Concierge medicine removes the barriers to medical access.

No Wait Time to Schedule an Appointment

It takes more than 20 days to see a family medicine doctor in metropolitan areas in the US. The lost time could result in severe symptoms and will affect the type of treatment you receive. However, concierge medicine programs increase the availability of the primary care physician leading to little to no wait time to schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments address your concerns and improve your health condition.

More Time with the Doctor

You will get more time with a physician through concierge medicine, as the primary care doctors only attend to the patients who subscribe to the program. Your doctor will have a long time to assess their patient leading to proper treatment. The sessions are educative as the doctor assesses your symptoms, diagnoses the health issues, and recommends an effective preventive plan. The doctor will conduct further analysis instead of focusing on the chief complaint during treatment.

Full Range Care

The primary doctors are equipped with lab and diagnostic tools to attain a full range of care. They use X-rays, EKGs, and other laboratory equipment to analyze the blood urine and create soft tissue imaging. The full range of technology improves the testing and treatment of health conditions. Additionally, some physicians may offer discounted services for return patients under the program for a given time.

All patients should receive full-range care when they visit a medical facility which is possible with concierge medicine. The treatment approach involves paying a specific primary care doctor a membership fee. Primary care doctors under the concierge medicine program attend to the patients under the program only and will not see those who don’t subscribe to the program. Therefore, you will have more time with your caregiver and receive the appropriate customized care. Concierge medicine leads to better prevention and treatment of health issues. The program is cheap in the long run, as you always have access to treatment.

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