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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Birth Control Method

Birth Control Method

In a fast-paced world, women are devoted to their career ambitions. Being sexually active, they usually look for ways to delay childbearing capacity. However, due to many recent birth control methods, it is not always a walk in the park to choose the right technique. Condoms, pills, and patches are just a few of the long list of contraception methods.

Therefore, consultation with the gynecologist from Contemporary Women’s Care is necessary before picking the birth control method to lean on. The gynecologists will recommend considering the following factors when looking for birth control.

Effectiveness of the Technique

 It is no secret that certain contraception methods work better than others. The techniques that require the least of your effort are deemed the most effective. For example, after the intrauterine device (IUD) installation, less effort is required for this technique to work. For contraception methods like condoms to be effective, you must use them consistently and correctly. Other methods, such as withdrawal, are the least effective since they require much of your self-control.

Reversibility of the Technique

Your long-term reproductive goals are a practical matter when choosing birth control. Discuss thoroughly with your partner the size of your family and where you see it in years to come. If you are certain that your family is complete, you can choose permanent contraception methods like sterilization. However, if you intend to give birth in the future, you should consider reversible techniques that are easy to stop, such as condoms and pills.

Side Effects

How will the birth control technique of your choice impact your body? Will the side effects be bearable? Some birth control methods have side effects, like hormone-based contraceptives. For example, using these contraceptive techniques can make you experience heavy periods and breast tenderness. In that case, you should choose the methods with tolerable side effects.

Nature of Your Relationship

Some contraceptive methods can help prevent pregnancy while safeguarding you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The type of your relationship will dictate which birth control method to use. For example, if you have multiple partner relationships, you should opt for the barrier methods such as condoms. On the other hand, if you have one partner who is not infected with STDs, you can use non-barriers methods. However, it would help to consider regular STD testing to minimize the possibility of infections.

Affordability of the Technique

You do not want to choose a contraception method whose expenses strain your pocket. Always discuss the expenses involved with your provider before thinking of any technique. Also, it would help if you remembered that some birth control methods, such as tubal ligation, may seem expensive initially but become affordable with time. You should also figure out how easy it is to get contraception method check-ups and prescriptions.

Are you looking forward to postponing your childbearing capacity? Worry no more since there are different birth control methods that you can opt for to prevent pregnancy. Before choosing the contraception of your interest, you should schedule a consultation with a gynecologist. They will recommend that you choose the technique requiring less effort from you. Further, it would help if you choose the method that aligns with your long-term reproductive goals. Cost is another consideration that will help you pick the contraception method whose expenses fall within your budget line.

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