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Kent RO Water Purifier and AMC Charges


Water is the most essential substance on the earth, required by every human being. Water is found 70% of the earth’s surface, but all of it is not fit for drinking purpose. Here comes the question that what water should people drink to avoid the water borne diseases. Water purifier is the answer of this problem of drinking water. The water purifier is of different types broadly it can be classified under RO purifiers, UV water purifiers or combined of both i.e. RO+UV. Now next worry pops in the mind is about maintenance cost of after buying a purifier. However, RO customer care provides support to all their customers of RO water purifiers. After buying a Kent RO water purifier, the conditions are Sale, Delivery, Installation, Servicing, Maintenance, Repair etc.

Water Purifier customer care

Kent RO water purifier customer care fulfils all the requirements related to water purifier that the client or customer is buying. The different types of service and supports that are provided by them:

  • Selling of Kent RO purification filters and purifiers.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the purifiers.
  • AMC Plans coupled with a proper resemblance to filters, membranes and other spare parts.
  • The repairing of the machine.
  • Replacement of broken/damaged parts.

With the full range of service, the problems of water purifiers are solved on a daily basis in all level by customer care service. The solutions are provided at the commercial and industrial scale as well. From suspending impurities to dissolved impurities all are removed by these RO purifiers and provide perfectly pure drinking water.

AMC: The One Point Solution

Before buy any water purifier everyone must check product as well as brand reviews, ratings, features, brand service, maintenance cost, and support as it is easy making with Google search nowadays.Maintenance cost of RO water purifiers depends on type of technology and number of stages it involves. What type of technology a water purifier has. Is it just RO or having UF + UV combined?Most of the Kent RO maintenance service provider provides support, service & replacement of spare parts for at least 1 year. Or one might get an offer to extend the maintenance service of his product with AMC. As AMC charges for Kent includes almost every sphere of water purifier maintenance service costs.

Why AMC?

If water purifier’s warranty is expired and anyone is looking for a repair centre then it might cost as per the type of his water purifier brand, technology, design, and problems. The basic maintenance cost of a Kent RO water purifier varies between INR 900 to 7000. This includes replacement of RO membrane. Maintenance of water purifier is easy and hassle-free if a customer avail annual maintenance contract AMC Plan.


Availing AMC Plan for Kent RO is a wise choice because AMC for Kent RO water purifier is cheaper and hassle-free. In the ground of taking Kent RO annual maintenance contract AMC, the charge of maintenance is much lower than visit based charges. Thus, It is better to take Kent RO AMC plan than to paying for visit and replacement of spare parts charge on break down of the machine.



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