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How to Manage Dental Emergencies Before You Get To the Dentist


Dental emergencies aren’t pleasant, but they are common. Whether you or someone you know has broken a tooth or has a severe toothache that seemingly came out of nowhere, it is necessary to see a dentist as soon as possible for emergency attention. While you should never put off dental appointments, it’s imperative that you always have dental emergencies addressed by a trained professional immediately. While you wait for your appointment, do you know what to do during a dental emergency?

There are things you can do, no matter what the issue is to help soothe and support an injury or other problem from the time the incident or issue occurs, to the time of your appointment. Below are a few tips for managing common dental emergencies.

Knocked Out Tooth

  • If you can, locate and pick up the tooth by the crown (top). Don’t touch the roots.
  • Rinse the tooth off, but don’t scrub.
  • Place the tooth back in the socket and bite down gently. If you can place the tooth in the socket, place the tooth in a sealed container with milk and put it in the fridge. The latter is best.
  • Find one of the available West Midlands dentists as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the less likely your tooth will be able to be reattached and you may need an implant or other solution.

Chipped, Fractured or Broken Tooth

  • Clean and rinse your mouth out gently.
  • Take a painkiller if you’re uncomfortable, but avoid aspirin.
  • Call you dentist immediately for an emergency appointment.

Severe Facial Pain or Tissue Injury

  • Clean the wounds, if there are any.
  • Apply cold compress to any injured areas and take a painkiller, but avoid aspirin.
  • Get to an oral surgeon or hospital as soon as possible.


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