Everything about pregnancy pillows and how to select one


Pregnancy usually makes difficulty to get comfy at the bedtime. A pillow was designed as a cradle and comforts the bump and will also make a huge difference. Generally if a person wants a good health good sleep is necessary. For this pillows can make relaxation as comfortable as possible.

Why Pregnancy pillows are used

Pregnancy pillows are available in different shapes and wide varieties in market. These pillows have anatomical shape and also provide an effective spine support. These pillows gently support your back and also tummy and these pillows can also be used for the feeding process.

How to choose a pregnancy pillow

Initially one should decide what kind of pillow works best for ones purpose. There are so many special types of pillows for the pregnant women and even for the young mothers. When a woman conceived and waiting for the baby, her body will be under unusual stress when compared to normal and that will be affects particularly the musculoskeletal system. This is the main reason and very important for the mothers to sleep well during their pregnancy, so this can be accomplished by selecting a correct and appropriate pregnancy pillow which is convenient to a pregnant woman. The main feature of any pregnancy pillow is their anatomical structure. The pillows should give a good support for back & even for the tummy. By using these pillows pain in joints and muscles will get reduced.

One should get a attention on the pillow size & shape when they are choosing. Most pillows are fairly large in size, weight & also take up too much space on the bed. Therefore, before purchasing a pillow one should think carefully where you are going to place it.

There are different shapes of the pillows but each one is unique. They can be divided into different types according to the alphabetic letters. The most used and popular form of pillows is called U-shape, this pillow is large one and can relax all the muscle groups. G, C & J-shaped pillows are having nearly same size & even functionality. I-shaped pillows was the simpliest. They won’t bend & may not entirely suitable for a pregnant woman. But still, this kind of pillow is very comfortable in sitting or even lying positions.

Pillows can be made up of different materials like cotton, polyester, polystyrene & of different fillers combination. But among all cotton is a natural hygienic material. It will absorb moisture and has a good thermal conductivity.  Pillows which are filled with cotton are washable in machine. But cotton is not very elastic & can also be worn out.

Polyester, polystyrene & other type of synthetic fillers are so durable, and chemical resistant and elastic. But they are not suitable for the machine wash because they have low moisture capacity. So experts strongly recommend that to give high preference to the polyester pillows, because they can keep their own shape & they do not absorb any odors.

Generally a pillow is essential to get a good sleep. If you want a comfortable rest and sleep, you need a good pillow. This is why pregnancy pillows are designed particularly of the moms for their comfortable rest and sleep.

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