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Drugs Legal? A Dream or Possible Reality?

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There are many states in the US that are raging on with the debate to legalize marijuana and in essence most herbal recreational drug throughout the country. In fact, some other countries are fighting to have this legislation passed as well. One city that has managed to do that and instantly became a global phenomenon was Amsterdam. They managed it through small menial practices of protestors, then particular areas that could sell the drug and by the end, the city finally passed the law that legalized the use of marijuana. The United States that already has a bunch on its plate including immigration policies, gun control laws, and civil right violations is not so near to Amsterdam in its feat to legalize the use of marijuana any time soon.

There are many small stakeholders in the US who have managed to triumphantly establish their own legal herbal narcotic stores. Aviv Hadar is one of the first names that pops up, a native of the nation of Israel, Aviv lives in Oregon where he founded and is currently the CEO of Oregrown. These are a chain of café/stores where you can buy a limited variety of herbal drugs especially cannabis. They are made up like café including waiters that serve you more than just food.

Many consumers describe the establishments as heavenly or as their second home. This is because the staff is not only well-mannered, courteous but also highly trained. You will not have to worry about the right drug for you as the staff is there to do just that and even guide you through the whole process so that you can easily do it yourself at home.

Based out of Oregon, Aviv operates the chain with the utmost precision and comes up with the innovative ideas to explain to the wider public that Oregrown customers are not just buying drugs but instead embracing a lifestyle that is entirely unique – speaking volumes of the company’s culture. The company has its own brand of clothing apparel that is exclusively sold to consumers that embodies the spirit of the people who wear them. Besides that Aviv Hadar has taken new heights, literally, to promote the Oregrown culture by making one of the few Low-Pressure films out there showing off the unique lifestyle that customers want to experience.

Oregrown has legal permission to sell cannabis under its premises only and not an inch outside its doors nut you can take out. Just like with any other café you go in pick out your desired cupcake or pastry or what have you and simply put it in brown bag and eat it at home except in this case its cannabis and while you buy the staff ensure that you know exactly what you need to make that cannabis enjoyable for yourself at home. Local polls conducted a few years ago show a staggering consensus among people and commissioners of the legal drug café as a great idea and spectacular venture on Aviv’s part.

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