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Dental Implants During Pregnancy- All You Need To Know

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Taking precautions in everything is common during pregnancy. From what you eat and drink to what lifestyle you lead, you will second-guess everything, along with your dental care. However, is it a good idea to alter your dental care aesthetics when you’re pregnant?

The decision to undergo a dental implant procedure will take many months to confirm. Let’s imagine a scenario where you have booked an appointment with your dentist for dental implants and later find that you’re pregnant. In that case, you might wonder whether you undergoing the dental implant restoration Glendale procedure will be beneficial for you during your pregnancy. 

  • Dental Implants and Pregnancy: The American Dental Association encourages pregnant women to go through thorough dental checkups. They also need to go through oral health treatments such as regular dental cleaning and dental exams. While dental implants are safe to perform after the first trimester, most oral surgeons ask their patients to wait until they are no longer pregnant. 
  • Changes in Oral Health During Pregnancy: Dental implant procedure during pregnancy is dangerous because the changes in oral health can make dental implants more vulnerable to failure. While scientists haven’t conducted any research on the success rate of dental implants during the time of pregnancy, gastrointestinal diabetes, changes in the immunity system, and overall physical changes during pregnancy can increase the failure rate of dental implants. 
  • Why Dental Implant Should be Postponed During Pregnancy: Pregnant women often receive all-clear dental routines such as fillings, crowns, and root canal treatments in the first trimester. As per research, a local anesthetic won’t affect a pregnant woman. However, dental implants are associated with more potent anesthetic, which might prove extremely dangerous both for the mother and the unborn child. Some treatment options include X-rays, which pregnant women should not undergo during the first trimester. 
  • When to Start Dental Implant During Pregnancy: Your dentist might advise you to undergo a dental implant procedure when you’re in your second trimester. X-rays are also safe during this time of pregnancy. The dentists will be able to evaluate the condition of your jawbone flawlessly. They will determine if you need a bone graft before they insert the dental implants. 

While you might be disappointed knowing that you cannot undergo a dental implant procedure when you’re pregnant, this doesn’t mean you cannot start the process. Consult with a reputed dental clinic to start your implant restoration process today. 

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