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Cosmetic Dental Practices Which Can Improve Your Smile


Some people don’t understand how cosmetic dental appliances and practices can improve their smile and dental health. This is most probably because they have not visited a cosmetic and general dentist Beaumont, CA, who can improve their smile and oral health. Therefore, one should consult a dentist about the best cosmetic procedures to improve your smile and oral health. The dentist will diagnose the specific oral health issue and recommend the right treatment; the treatments might depend on the severity of the oral health issues. These cosmetic procedures will correct crooked, discolored, and misaligned teeth. Read on to learn more about the general and cosmetic dentistry services available.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are cosmetic prosthetics that fill the gaps left by lost teeth. They act and look like natural teeth. It has a crown that you can customize to the same shape, color, and texture of the teeth on the arch. It also has an artificial root made of metal alloys implanted deeply into the jaw. Therefore the artificial tooth root will stimulate the jaw bone, reducing bone loss in the jaw and preventing jaw problems and disfiguration of the face. The popper crown will fill the gaps left by the teeth preventing crookedness and improving your smile. Although dental implants could be costly during installation, they are cheap as they are a permit solution to lost teeth.


Crowns are made of metal alloys or porcelain clay and are used to fill the cavities that develop on the enamel. They fix dental cavities early before they progress into severe damage. The dentist will scrape off the damaged enamel and disinfect the tooth to kill the bacteria responsible for the cavities. Then, they will fix the crown molds over the cavities preventing future damage to the teeth.


Teeth whitening works for teeth discoloration, and you can choose the home whitening kit or seek whitening services from a dentist. The home whitening kit has a weak bleaching agent, which works on mild discoloration. On the other hand, professional whiteners have strong bleaching agents that deal with severe discoloration and could erode the gums if not handled with care.


Veneers are common nowadays as most celebrities use them to deal with teeth crookedness. To address oral problems, thin ceramic clay is placed to the front of the teeth. They fix misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, and discoloration that is resistant to teeth bleaching. To prevent bulkiness, the dentist will remove a few layers of enamel before placing the veneers. He or she will then use high beam radiation to shape the veneers onto the enamel surface.


Braces are traditional dental appliances used for centuries to deal with teeth crookedness. They move the teeth leading to proper alignment. However, after the alignment, you may need a retainer that keeps the teeth in the right position.

Cosmetic dental practices will improve your smile and improve oral health outcomes. You should consult your dentist to understand how cosmetic dental procedures can improve oral health. For instance, dental implants seem to fill the gaps left by lost teeth, but they improve oral health. The dental implant’s artificial root stimulates the jaw to prevent bone loss, while the crown prevents crookedness and improves your smile. On the other hand, crowns deal with cavities and prevent future issues on the tooth. The braces align the teeth preventing crookedness, bacterial growth, oral odors, and cavities.

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