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Cocaine Addiction, Symptoms, Effects and Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms Effects and Treatment

Some drugs are quite powerful and addictive, for instance, Cocaine is one of such. It is classified as a substance of high abuse and high dependency risk stimulant. These signs and symptoms are determined by ingested procedures.

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms Effects and Treatment

This peculiar substance “Cocaine’ comes in a powdered form inhaled through the nostrils or can be dissolved through water and injected directly into the vein. Furthermore, it can be injected just under the skin area known as ‘skin popping”; which intensifies the duration of the high and can possibly lead to infections and other medical complications. Symptoms include

  • Loss of the sense of smell
  • Nosebleeds
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Hoarseness
  • Runny nose

“Crack”, as it is fondly called, is processed into a rock crystal before it’s smoked, often time using a pipe. Also, considering the lower purity level and wider potential for the introduction of other dangerous chemicals, those who take cocaine for extended periods are likely to experience even more dramatic symptoms.

Addicts of Cocaine may also produce noticeable behavioral or personality changes such as:

  • irritability
  • restlessness
  • anxiety
  • paranoia

What are the Effects of Cocaine Dependency?

As a matter of fact, Cocaine abuse and addiction may lead to a condition known as severe paranoia, which is a temporary state of extreme paranoid psychosis. In other words, the addict tends to lose touch with reality and experience auditory hallucinations (hearing sounds that are unreal). Furthermore, Cocaine ingestion by mouth can cause ulcers in the stomach lining as well as death of a large amount of tissue (gangrene) in the bowel as a result of reduced blood flow. Equally, the abusers may experience heart attacks or strokes.

Listed are the serious health complications that can arise from cocaine dependency:

  • Respiratory effects, including respiratory failure
  • Nervous system problems, including strokes
  • Digestive problems
  • Contracting HIV and other diseases (by Injecting cocaine using shared needles)
  • Serious skin infections
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Death

Cocaine addiction treatment programs:

The major aim of cocaine addiction treatment programs is abstinence or shielding the addict away from the drug. It is important to note that cocaine rehabs will only start addiction treatment programs if it is observed that the drug used is interfering with the day to day activities of such victim.

The first thing at the cocaine rehabs is cleansing of the addict’s body of the toxins overdose in the system. This may take between four to ten months after intervention by a cocaine detox center. The actual treatment takes place once the body mechanism and chemicals come back to normal.

This is followed by cocaine addiction treatment programs that reduce or eradicates the cravings. Finally, cocaine addiction treatment centers in achieving the set goal use methods such as counseling, family therapy, psychotherapy, education about drug abuse and addiction, acupuncture, and relaxation training as part of the treatment. These may or may not require hospitalization, and is individual-specific.

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