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Chrome Cobalt Is a Preferred Denture Material


Today, chrome cobalt dentures are preferred over dentures made of acrylic. These kinds of dental prosthetics are designed from a cast cobalt chrome base and consist of cobalt, chrome, and chromium. Chromium is included to prevent corrosion. Dentures of this type are cast so they fit your teeth, therefore, they prove to be more stable when compared to acrylic-made prosthetics.

A Healthier Alternative to Acrylic

Chrome cobalt is healthier because the dentures possess added dimensional support. Therefore, the shape does not change over time. In addition, the dentures have a higher amount of thermal conductivity, which permits wearers to notice cold and hot more readily. With respect to hygiene, chrome cobalt materials are also healthier because they are less porous, the buildup of plaque, calculus, or food is reduced.

A Lighter Prosthetic

Dental technicians in Greenford who make chrome cobalt dentures also note they are lighter in weight. Therefore, the dentures can be cast thinner and still maintain their resilience and strength. When the dentures are made, the dentist will perform a complete examination of your oral tissues before making a diagnosis and okaying the work. Impressions are then made so the framework of the denture can be made.

After the Fitting

After the framework is made, the dentures are checked for retention and fit. Dentures are also checked when they are in their wax form so delivery can be made. If you experience any soreness after the fitting, tell your dental provider so any adjustment can be made.

A More Comfortable Fit

Chrome cobalt dentures are often preferred by denture wearers as they are not as bulky as acrylic prosthetics. Acrylic dentures must be made thicker, otherwise, they will crack or break. The cost for chrome cobalt is normally more too. However, the cost of the metal alloy is more expensive and it takes longer for the lab to produce the denture. Therefore, these two details show up in the cost. Nevertheless, if you want a more comfortable fit and wish to reduce the chance of breakage, then this is the denture to pick.

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