Can Massage Help You

There are many different ways to treat pain in your body. If you are experiencing some kind of pain, a doctor might prescribe some kind of medication to help your pain. It will often treat the pain but it will not treat the underlying cause. The cause of pain is often interpreted differently by different researchers. Some researchers have found that the pain is actually a function of damaged cells being ineffective.

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Damaged Cells

When a cell is damaged, it could actually deactivate in a sense. Massage treatment services in East Grinstead can reactivate those cells.

  • When cells are damaged, they might become inert. This creates an imbalance.
  • The imbalance in your muscles and joints will place undue stress on your joints and muscles.
  • That leads to pain in your joints and muscles.
  • If you can reactivate those damaged cells, they can re-engage and repair themselves
  • Massage can help activate those cells.


Massage can often help reinvigorate cells. When a talented massage therapist works on different muscle groups, it inspires increased blood flow to different areas. The increased blood flow will increase the speed with which the cells repair. That could help reduce pain and speed up healing. While there are differing scientific opinions on the efficacy of massage, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.

People who work with massage therapists often report that they feel better after massage. They report lower stress, lower pain, and more flexibility. They are more comfortable and report healing much more quickly than they feel that they would have otherwise.

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